Built: LA


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Built:LA developed by Omar Ureta (Linkedin) of the Urban Policy Collective @ Roschen Van Cleve Architects, founded by Bill Roschen, FAIA and Christi Van Cleve, AIA. Made with Mapbox Studio and Mapbox-GL, inspired byPortland, Oregon: The Age of a City Terrain and Label Data by Mapbox.OpenStreetMap, under ODbL.

Thanks goes out to Maptime for opening the doors to amazing cartographic possibilities!!

Code and map update logs can be found on Github

Data // Building Outlines: LA County GIS Data Portal, Age Attributes LA County Assessor Local Roll (Note: There were buildings that had no data on the time they were built. They are shown, only greyed out.)

This map uses WEBGL, which is optimized for Chrome and Firefox, Safari users need to enable WEBGL

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